Our Investment Advice is based around the following principles, which have been established on the strength of academic research and study over the last 60 years.

The principles we believe in, which underpin our investment advice, are as follows:

  • Markets are efficient- this investment theory means that it is impossible to ‘beat the market’ because share prices always incorporate and reflect all relevant information
  • Capitalism works – risk is rewarded
  • Diversification, or the spreading of money across different investments, reduces risk
  • Invest for the longer term – don’t speculate for the short term
  • Keep costs to a minimum
  • Take only the amount of risk you are comfortable with and can afford to take

Through our Perspective Financial Group owned discretionary fund manager, Cambridge Investments Limited, we are fortunate enough to be able to offer the investment adviser services of Tatton Investment Management, at a very competitive cost.

Tatton seek to make adjustments to a set of core portfolios, created to provide several different risk-rated strategies. Each strategy is implemented using low cost “tracker” funds, which offer diversified exposure across whole markets rather than a fund manager introducing unnecessary risks and costs by selecting specific stocks.

The Tatton approach involves the manager’s skill to avoid asset classes and geographical areas which appear over-valued, relative to historic levels and other similar assets.

It has been proven in numerous studies that changes in the asset allocation of a portfolio have much greater effect on returns than the actual stocks selected. We view this as a much smarter investment advice than the rear-view mirror method of selecting star fund managers based on their previous performance, which is how many financial advisers still believe they can add value. Unfortunately, such funds often seem to underperform once they have been through a good patch of performance.

There is no guarantee that these principles will always reap positive rewards month on month for every investor, but we believe the service we offer represents the best prospects to maximise your returns within the investment risk profile which suits you best.

If you require further information about our investment advice, please contact us for a free initial consultation.